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Our Food
At XO it’s “All Prime, All the Time”, which means we only offer UDSA Prime-Aged Beef.

What is USDA Prime?

Prime is the highest quality grade designation by the USDA and only 2 percent or less of all of the beef produced in the United States receives this grade.  The strictly controlled rating process by USDA inspectors determines the quality of the beef based on both the marbling (fat specs) and maturity.

Why we serve USDA Prime??

Our goal at XO from conception until today is to create the standard for the ultimate dining experience in Cleveland.  After researching the market and becoming knowledgeable of the standards of quality for beef, we unequivocally choose to serve USDA Prime because of its exclusivity.  Such a commitment comes with a high investment and the decision was well worth the undertaking.  Each of our steaks is carefully prepared to perfection, resulting in a delightfully tender, juicy, and buttery flavor with every bite that only UDSA Prime steak can provide.  This is as good as it gets.

Our menu also features the highest quality fresh seafood, including Australian lobster tails, and creatively prepared chef compositions using the freshest ingredients available to deliver a superb product.